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I saw your article in the Ottawa Citizen Saturday morning.  I had been looking to buy - loved your business model (2 local women, Canadian, eco-focused, women positive) and did some shopping!  Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

K.H. Ottawa, Ontario

bravo! je vous trouve charmantes et rapide .je vais me débrouiller avec les produits........merci 
a +

M.C. Gatineau, Québec


Thank you very much for this prize!

J.F. Gatineau, Québec


First, I would love to say that I love your commitment to healthy and safe toys. I love it when retailers try to educate their customers about what is on the market. 

K.N. United States

Thanks so much for the quick response - I've been really impressed with sensual-intelligence throughout this entire order.

J.B. North Vancouver, British Columbia


Conversation between Sensual-Intelligence.ca and A.M. from somewhere in the Maritimes ;)  


I just received my new leaf, thanks so much! In the instructional manual it mentions that the vibe must be cleaned with a toy cleaner, which i do not yet have.

So two questions for you:

1: Do you sell these toy cleaners on your website?

2: Is there anything else that I can use to wash the silicone vibe while I am waiting for the toy cleaner?

Thanks for your help!




Thanks for the email!  We do not carry any toy cleaners as they most often have non-bodysafe ingredients such as triclosan or other petrochemicals.  

You can wash your Leaf toy with warm soapy water. (Gentle soap). This is the most body-safe and Eco-friendly way to clean toys :)

Hope this helps!



Ahhh, well that explains why I couldn't find any on your site! Thats perfect, thanks so much for your help :)


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