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Media Archives

On April 1 2014, we were featured in Healthwise Ottawa on pages 63-65.

 On January 1 2014, we were featured on pages 21-22 of Curve Magazine!

On October 14 2013, we were featured on French Canadian television show, Ruby TFO. 

On September 1 2013, we were featured in the monthly issue of Tone Magazine.  We're on page 77!

On August 13 2013, we were featured on  We spoke to the wonderful Seraphin Lariviere about what makes us unique and green.

On July 20 2013, we were featured in the Ottawa Citizen. We spoke to Janet Wilson about some of our products and how we got started.

On July 18 2013, we were featured in the Metro Ottawa newspaper. We spoke to Graham Lanktree about the downside of batteries and what they do to our environment and why we offer alternative products.

On June 25 2013, we spoke to Julie Lalonde on CHUO's feminist radio show "The Third Wave" about some of our products and how it is important to be informed of what we put on as well as "in" us! You can listen to us here, we go on at about 8 minutes in.

On July 10 2013, we were interviewed by the lovely folks running the blog.
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