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About Sensual Intelligence Canada

The Story

The idea to open an eco-friendly online sex shop came two years ago, while I was still on maternity leave. My friend was on the internet researching vegetarian recipes when she came across an article about Alicia Silverstone endorsing these green vibrators that looked like leaves.

We both had never seen anything quite like it and decided to look them up to find out more about them. To our surprise, they were designed in Brampton, ON which we also found to be pretty cool.

Being from Ottawa, we were familiar with the We-Vibe which is a couple’s vibrator designed by an Ottawa couple that went on to sell millions of units throughout the world. At that point we wondered if there were even more canadian designed products out there and if we could make this our business.

And sure enough, Sensual Intelligence.ca was born soon after. The focus is however not on exclusively canadian brand names such as Magic Banana, Leaf, Hathor Aphrodisia, We-Vibe as we also wanted to offer a good variety of product to our clientele. There is however a certain extent of "pickiness" as to what we choose to carry and what we gave the cold shoulder...

The Toys

We carry vibrators and dildos that are phthalates-free silicone, glass or stainless steel which are the deemed the safest materials for adult toys.

The Lubes

The quest to find lubricants that were both body-safe and environmentally friendly proved to be a challenge. Luckily we found two great companies : Hathor Aphrodisia concocted by a mother and daughter duo from Victoria, BC and Sliquid from the US. These two women-run companies know more than a thing or two about what one should put on or in. *wink wink*. Aside from parabens, petro-chemicals, one should also make sure that their lube is glycerin-free since glycerin promotes bacterial growth, yuck!


The Toy Cleaners

You will notice that we do not carry any toy cleaner on our site. To wash the toys, it is recommended to use warm soapy water (triclosan-free and parfum/fragrance-free soap) and that works perfectly fine. Some toys may be boiled and even put in the dishwasher. Please read the instructions that come with the toy to find out the best way to sterilize after use.


If you have any more questions about ingredients and materials, please take a minute to read these two guides on selecting toys based on materials and what to avoid in lubes
Should you require any guidance, please send me an email at sales@sensual-intelligence.ca. I will do my best to answer promptly and of course make your experience non-intimidating. To stay in contact, you may also want to join our newsletter, which also offers great monthly deals and contests. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to add your email address.


Thank you for reading about us and if you want to read more, check out the media we've received!


Stay Eco-sexy!

Owner of Sensual Intelligence


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